A beacon to her community,
Ann Robinson worked tirelessly to advance the inherent worth and dignity of all.

Ann Robinson

Ann Robinson was a much loved and respected member of our UUCL congregation, from December 1994 until her death on July 21, 2016. Ann was a force for change and equality who actively encouraged us to truly embrace diversity. She worked tirelessly to influence local government, although the great majority of her work went unrecognized behind the scenes.

Ann’s legacy of spirituality, generosity, and above all social action, was a beacon of love and inspiration to many of us, young and old alike. The 4th longest standing UUCL member at the time of her death, Ann Robinson worked tirelessly to champion the rights and opportunities of the disadvantaged and the underserved. She gave many rousing, moving, and motivating sermons about the fight for equity and opportunity, frequently and fearlessly challenging us to do better in our service to the least among us.

Among the multitude of her contributions to social justice,  Ann envisioned and advocated for the creation of an official Diversity Commission at the Town of Leesburg (our county seat); enlisted dozens of UUCL members to advocate for it; and finally won the Town Council votes required to make this a reality. The Diversity Commission operates today as a beacon of inclusion and opportunity for the disenfranchised, disadvantaged, and overlooked in our community.

Awarded September 25, 2017

The Ann Robinson Social Justice Award was created in October 2016 to honor a person, an “unsung hero,” who initiated or lead an effort that benefitted those in need who had been previously overlooked in Loudoun County. Sponsored by the UUCL’s Social Justice Committee, the award is presented at our Annual Loudoun Falls Event.

Our mission with the Ann Robinson Social Justice Award is two-fold. First, we wish to keep the flame of Ann’s memory alive. Second, we want to highlight our local heroes who daily advance socio-economic opportunity, racial equity, and support for those with disabilities.
Each year we will award the Ann Robinson Social Justice Award to an unsung hero at our Loudoun Falls for Social Justice Event.